Cereal Bowl in Red
Cereal Bowl in Red

Romain Bernex - LOFT Dining Set for 6

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Part Number:400 Romain Bernex - LOFT Dining Set for 6

This Dining Set - Cereal Bowls and Serving Bowls were designed by the Atelier Romain Bernex in Marseille, France. Handmade from red clay, the workshop uses local traditional production techniques and are inspired by the colors of the Mediterranean.

This Dining Set for 6 guests includes:

16210-08           6 Cereal Bowls in Red

351-15               2 Small Bowls in Raspberry

351-25               2 Small Bowls in Apple

351-36               2 Small Bowls in Pearl

351-65               2 Small Bowls in Yellow

451-25               1 Medium Salad Bowl in Apple

451-65               1 Medium Salad Bowl in Yellow

461-08               1 Large Salad Bowl in Red

461-36               1 Large Salad Bowl in Pearl

This Dining Set was created for the lighter fair – breakfast, lunch or dinner – soup, salad, fruit salad, mixed rice or pasta dishes, tapas, couscous, etc… - not requiring flat dishes for larger meals such as meats & fish.

Designed and Made in France.

Ref: 16210-08, 351-15, 351-25, 351-36, 351-65, 451-25, 451-65, 461-08, 461-36

Sizes of the dishware:

Cereal Bowl 3.94 Inches x 6.3 inches (10 cm x 16 cm) each

Small Bowl 3.5 inches x 5.91 inches (9 cm x 15 cm) each

Medium Salad Bowl 5.31 inches x 9.45 inches (13.5 cm x 24 cm) each

Large Salad Bowl 6.5 inches x 11.02 inches (16.5 cm x 28 cm) each

Weights of the dishware:

Cereal Bowl 1.1 lb. (0.500 kg) each

Small Bowl 0.66 lb. (0.30 kg) each

Medium Salad Bowl 2.76 lb. (1.25 kg) each

Large Salad Bowl 3.97 lb. (1.80 kg) each

Material: 100% Dishwasher and Microwave Safe

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