Large TamTam
Large TamTam

Fair Trade African Handmade Musical Instruments - Cash & Pick Up - Visiting Southern Delaware Clients ONLY

Your Price: $250.00
One of a Kind Pieces Only
Part Number:453 African Handmade Musical Instruments - Cash & Pick Up
  • Please do not put the order through the website since it is a pick up item - Visiting Southern Delaware Clients ONLY   .
  • Personal collection of handmade instruments designed by Fair Trade African Artisans from West Guinea and Senegal. 
  • Each one is beautiful in its own way. And you can use them to play.
  • The Wooden Xylophone is: $250.00 
  • The Small Wooden TamTam (drum) is: $375.00
  • The Large Wooden TamTam (drum) is: $500.00
  • Cash payable upon pick up. No Sales Tax
  • Call us: 718 612 3984 to reserve the one you want and we will hold it for you. 
  • Available to clients Visiting Southern Delaware Clients ONLY   
FYI - 10 Principles of Trade Fair:

1- Opportunities for Disadvantaged Producers
2- Transparency and Accountability
3- Fair Trade Practices
4- Fair Payment 
5- No Child Labor, No Forced Labor
6- No Discrimination, Gender Equity, Freedom of Association
7- Good Working Conditions
8- Capacity Building
9- Promote Fair Trade
10- Respect for the Environment

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