Crater White Glass Porcelain Plate
Crater White Glass Porcelain Plate

Crater White Glass/Porcelain Dish Ware Collection

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Part Number:372 Crater White Glass Porcelain Dish Ware Collection

Crater 0.3.14 White Glass/Porcelain Dish Ware Collection

Crater White Glass/Porcelain Dish Ware Collection is part of the Sublime Collections. The moon's surface was the inspiration behind the collection Crater designed in black molten glass and in white porcelain. Its uneven surface tempts the touch, turning tasting into both a gastronomic and a sensorial experience.

This set includes a dozen of each of the plates and bowls as follows:

  • Crater white glass/porcelain plate - reference V0133-0326 - Size: 26 cm or 10.2 inches diameter
  • Crater white glass/porcelain tray - reference V0133-0433 - Size: 33 cm x 20 cm or 17 inches x 7.9 inches
  • Crater white glass/porcelain bowl - reference V0133-0329 - Size: 29 cm or 11.4 inches diameter - Contains 125 ml

Non-porous and dishwasher safe.

Please avoid microwave, oven, toaster oven, freezer and any type of thermal shock from cold to hot and hot to cold, especially in cases when using ice under a food item in the plate and then placing it on a hot surface.

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