Marble Mango Wood Bowls
Marble Mango Wood Bowls

Circa Home 55 Marble Mango Wood Dinnerware

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Part Number:433 Circa Home 55 Marble Mango Wood Dinnerware

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Choose Your Large Marble Mango Wooden Bowls - Product Code T20 or T21
Choose Your Marble Mango Wooden Salad Server Set - Product Code T09 or T24

Since 2001, Circa Home 55 has been specializing in the finest home décor and tabletop items. Working directly with several of the most skilled artisans around the world, they are proud to offer a diverse selection of eco-friendly mango wood and metal. Whether for your home or specialty store, we hope you enjoy the wide variety of distinctive handcrafted pieces that Circa Home 55 has to offer.

Circa Home 55’s goal each and every day is to provide their customers with the highest quality handcrafted items. Not only do they want to give their artisans an opportunity to express their true creative talents, but also they want to provide you with access to the most unique and elegant pieces that are both socially and environmentally responsible. From the beginning, they have been traveling far and wide to find extremely talented craftspeople. Having spent countless hours in their artisan’s villages – and often times, their homes – they have developed a personal friendship with each of them that extends far beyond the usual business relationship. They are proud to say that all of their handcrafted items are traded fairly. Circa Home 55 compensates all of their artisans justly and they ensure that each of them is working in a truly safe and comfortable environment.

Circa Home 55 is particularly focused on providing high design while utilizing earth-friendly products. Created from sustainable or reclaimed materials, they strive to design with both you and the environment in mind. They are honored to have their collections exhibited in some of the premier galleries, museums and boutique stores around the world. Circa Home 55 kindly invites you to join the ranks of satisfied customers.


Included in your Dinner Set in Brown Marble Mango Wood:

Marble Mango Wood Small Bowls Set of 4 - Product Code: T26

Ideal for a salad set, they are the perfect addition to any of our larger bowls, but of course they can be used for so much more than just salad.

      Product Dimensions: 7" D x 3" H


Marble Mango Wood Handled Serving Tray - Product Code: T18 

A delightful tray to serve with or simply leave it on the table with an assortment of vegetables.

      Product Dimensions: 18" W x 10" D


Choose from either of these two large bowls Classic or Shallow:

Marble Mango Wood Classic Bowl - Product Code: T20 

The classic size for a serving bowl, this remains one of our most popular pieces.

      Product Dimensions: 11" D x 5" H


Marble Mango Wood Shallow Bowl - Product Code: T21 

This beautifully designed shallow bowl is certain to get lots of attention every time you use it.

       Product Dimensions: 15" D x 4" H


Choose from either of these two Salad Servers – the Salad Hands or the Fork and Spoon Server Set: 

Marble Mango Wood Salad Hands – Product Code: T09 

Perfect for dishing out a bowl of salad or any other dish.

       Product Dimensions: 7" W x 4" D


Marble Mango Wood Server Set - Product Code: T24

The ideal way to dole out some of your favorite dishes, use these in conjunction with any of our serving bowls.

       Product Dimensions: 12"

Marble Mango Wood Scalloped Plate - Product Code: T01

A perfect example of the detailed work exhibited by our artisans, you will find many uses for this scalloped plate.

       Product Dimensions: 12" W x 2" H


Marble Mango Wood Circle Bowl - Product Code: T15

One of our most contemporary mango wood bowls, this bowl is sure to get lots of attention anytime you pull it out.

       Product Dimensions: 12" D x 6" H


Marble Mango Wood Square Bowl - Product Code: T25

Simple and stylish, this bowl can be used in so many different ways.

       Product Dimensions: 8" W x 3" H


Marble Mango Soo-ay Wood Bowl - Product Code: T08

One of our newest and most popular designs, this bowl has a variety of uses.

       Product Dimensions: 12" W x 3.5" H


Marble Mango Wood Condiment Tray Set - Product Code: T27 

The perfect set for any gathering when you need to dish out your favorite condiments in a stylish way. Includes three ceramic cups and three wooden spoons.

       Product Dimensions: 15" W x 6" H


Food safe for hot or cold foods.

Do not use to heat up food in the oven.

Do not use to freeze foods in the freezer.

Please avoid scratching with forks and cutting with knives on these pieces of art.

Wash by hand with soapy warm water and dry thoroughly.


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