8 Inch Chalice Ref 0105
8 Inch Chalice Ref 0105

Biot Bubbled Chalice Collection - Choose from 3 sizes - sets of 6 each

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Part Number:384 Biot Bubbled Chalice Collection

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Chalice Color Choices Ref 0105, 0106 and 0107
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Reference: 0105, 0106 and 0107

  • "Le Verre de Biot" is renowned in France and Europe as being the most authentic handblown bubbled glass since the 18th century. The elusive bright or pastel colors shimmer in the sunlight through each bubble in the piece. Each article is unique and reflects a fresh outdoor summer day look any time of the year. This particular glassware will always enhance your table for any occasion. It also makes quite an elegant gift.
  • Choose 1 Set of 6 glasses each from 3 sizes of handblown bubbled Chalices:
  • six 8 inch - 20 cm tall Chalice or
  • six 9 inch - 22 cm tall Chalice or 
  • six 9.5 inch - 24 cm tall Chalice.
  • Available in 9 colors as per the Biot Color Chart: Rose Quartz, Lime, Amethyst, Blue, Green, Amber, Persian Blue, Clear and Lavender.
  • Choose your preferred colors from the Biot Color Chart located in the images. You may choose each set in a different color or all the same.
  • Cleaning Instructions: Dishwasher safe, however, handwash with delicate dishwashing liquid, preferred.
  • Reference: 0105, 0106 and 0107

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