Bulk Chocolate Truffles
Bulk Chocolate Truffles

BT McElrath Chocolatier Chocolates Starter KIT & REFILLS - B2B only

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BT McElrath Everyday Truffles - 3 Gift Box Sizes
9 pieces Epicurean Truffle Assortment Box [+$82.50]
15 pieces Epicurean Truffle Assortment Box [+$80.54]
30 pieces Epicurean Truffle Assortment Box [+$40.89]


What could be better than merging the world’s most amazing artisan chocolates with melt-in-your-mouth caramels? Nothing, that’s what! And this is why we’re thrilled to have a brand new partnership between Annie B’s incredible caramels and popcorn, and B.T. McElrath’s heavenly chocolates. Through this newly formed union, Annie B’s and B.T. McElrath Chocolatier will continue to provide high quality, handcrafted excellence that you have come to expect and love.

Artisan Chocolate

We strive to offer chocolates that are not simple candies. Rather, they’re unique confections that you first taste with your eyes, then savor slowly — allowing the harmony of texture and flavor to intermingle and linger long after the chocolate is gone. All of B.T. McElrath’s chocolates are hand crafted in small batches by confectionary artisans and meticulously packed by hand. All products are all-natural with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Decadent Truffles

Our award-winning epicurean truffles began a rage of chef inspired chocolates throughout the country. For over 20 years we have been making unique flavor combinations with interesting inclusions. Due to the all-natural nature of this product, the product is shelf stable for three months.

Buttery Toffee

B.T.’s hand crafted English Toffee squares are prepared with pure butter from local creameries, cane sugar, a hint of sea salt, and are drenched in B.T. McElrath's delicious 40% milk chocolate and topped with salted toasted almonds.


Your Starter KIT and REFILLS include, (Check off the box for Starter KIT or for REFILL):


BT McElrath Bulk Truffles


1lb Bulk Bakery Boxes from 30 to 44 pieces per box


Available Flavors and Item Numbers and UPC Codes:

_ Passion Fruit Bulk Truffles – PASSION-W

_ Lemon Supreme Bulk Truffles – LEMSUP-W

_ BT's Signature Dark Bulk Truffles – SIGDARK-W

_ BT's Signature Milk Bulk Truffles – SIGMILK-W

_ Salted Butter Caramel Butterflies Bulk Truffles – SLTCARM-W

_ Orange-Caramel Butterflies Bulk Truffles – DKFLY-W

_ Zinfandel-Balsamic Fish Bulk Truffles – ZINFISH-W

_ Kaffir Lime with Coconut & Ginger Bulk Truffles – KAFFIR-W

_ Chile-Limon Mayan Bulk Truffles – CHILI-W


Suggested MSRP starting $5.00 a piece or sell by weight depending on your market

Shelf Life 3 months



BT McElrath Toasted Almond Toffee


1lb Bulk Bakery Boxes from 38 to 40 pieces per box

Item Numbers and UPC Codes

_Toasted Almond Toffee – ETOFF-W


Suggested MSRP starting $5.00 a piece or sell by weight depending on your market

Shelf Life 9 months



Optional Products to choose from:


BT McElrath Everyday Truffles


Available Items in boxes, Item Numbers and UPC Codes:


_ 9 pieces Epicurean Truffle Assortment Box – DI0040 – 693868 10040 3

5 boxes of 3.75 oz. weight each

_ 15 pieces Epicurean Truffle Assortment Box – DJ0041 – 693868 10041 0

3 boxes of 6.25 oz. weight each

_ 30 pieces Epicurean Truffle Assortment Box – DK0042 – 693868 10042 7

1 box of 12.5 oz. weight each


Suggested MSRP $27.50 for 9 pc box, $36.00 for 15 pc box and $72.00 for 30 pc box

Shelf Life 3 months


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