Bamboo Rack and Soaps Kit
Bamboo Rack and Soaps Kit

Anacaona - Where Change Begins - Full Starter Soap Kit: Bamboo Display and 80 Soaps for B2B ONLY

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Part Number:498 Anacaona Bamboo Pack Set with 80 Soaps for B2B ONLY

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Full Starter Soap Kit: Bamboo Display and 80 Soaps for B2B ONLY
Add your refill of 80 more soaps now !


DID YOU KNOW ? If soap was used for every hand washing, deaths due to waterborne diseases could be reduced by 50%.


Anacaona's products are 100% up-cycled in Haiti & 100% biodegradable.


By purchasing their ingredients locally, Anacaona supports hundreds of Haitian farmers and their families.



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Learn about the Soap Recycling Process
A​NACAONA is the first soap recycling social initiative in Haiti. But soap is more than just a bar.

It is the base of ANACAONA'S approach which focuses on 3 main issues:
  • The Environment
  • Health / Hygiene
  • Gender Equality
Since January 2016, ANACAONA has been collecting soap from local hotels in 4 regions in Haiti:
  • ​Port-au-Prince
  • Jacmel
  • Cote-des-Arcadins
  • Cap-Haïtien.

This Full Starter Soap Kit comes with a 2 shelf-Bamboo Display and 80 Soaps for sale to B2B ONLY (Business to Business ONLY).

The Bamboo Display is handmade by the team. The Soaps are Recycled and also hand-remade in 6 different local fragrances.

Soaps are wrapped and presented in:
  • Haitian Style Paper with a Sisal Rope Bow
  • Haitian Sisal Style 
  • Haitian Sisal Rope 
  • Haitian Leather Style with Sisal Rope Bow.
The Assorted Soaps come in six (6) fragrances: 
  • Haitian Flowers and Sweet Almond
  • Haitian Citrus 
  • Haitian Coffee
  • Haitian Honey, Bergamot and Saffron
  • Haitian Moringa
  • Haitian Passion Fruit.
We also offer you the option to purchase your next 80 variety soap refills during this purchase under this same item reference number 498. 
Just choose the dropdown option for that.

Otherwise, for future restocking soap orders you may go directly to item reference 499. More options will also be available there.

Important Notes:
  • The prices of the display and soaps are quoted FOB Port-au-Prince, Haiti plus shipping charges. 
  • International shipping will be handled via air freight DHL Express from Haiti to the 48 contiguous states on mainland USA and is already included in the price of the product. 
  • Additional shipping charges will apply for Alaska and Hawaii. 
  • Please DO NOT choose a shipping carrier in the shopping cart since this product will only be shipped air freight by DHL Express.
  • Since we do not have import/customs tarifs and criteria, USA Customs/Import duties will be charged in addition to the price of the product indicated above and will be payable by you directly to the DHL Carrier upon receiving their invoice. 

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