Armchairs "Shell" Ref. 908739
Armchairs "Shell" Ref. 908739

539 Green Apple - International Trading, Lda - Armchairs "Shell" Ref. 908739 Barcode: 5600497136272 Console "Bolonha" Ref. 909185 Barcode: 5600497139006

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Part Number:539 Green Apple - International Trading, Lda - Armchairs "Shell" Ref. 908739 Barcode: 5600497136272 Console "Bolonha" Ref. 909185 Barcode: 5600497139006


Cozy set of two armchairs and one console


2 Armchairs "Shell" Ref. 908739 Barcode: 5600497136272


1 Console "Bolonha" Ref. 909185 Barcode: 5600497139006
Green Apple - International Trading, Lda is a Portuguese based company with international activity, that is dedicated to furniture design, manufacturing and distribution, ornaments, linen and lighting, for private housing and hotel-ware, by the name of Green Apple Home Style.
With Green Apple Home Style brand, the company able to develop exquisite collections, creating elegant and sophisticated pieces that are manufactured according to the highest quality and functionality standards. They ceaselessly seek for innovation, when concerning materials and design, enables them to nurture unique style collections, who emanate contemporaneity, comfort and exclusivity.
Fostering national design through innovative processes, in the furnishing and interior decor industry, has turned Green Apple into one of the very few Portuguese luxury brands to achieve 100% local manufactured pieces, exporting on a worldwide level.
Green Apple - International Trading, Lda invests in the best raw materials and their best ally is their tradition. “Made in Portugal” is their identity, leading them to a thriving future. They successfully combine tradition with modernity, their creative young team design bold and unique pieces that blossom with their experienced handcraft masters. Their focus lies in the perpetuation of their handcraft masters art, ensuring knowledge transfer amongst generations, which culminates in the needed heritage preservation.

Create a cozy corner anywhere in your home: in your dining room, lavish foyer entrance, wide hallway/alcove, living room, family room, bedroom, home office/study/library or conservatory/music room; these metallic light blue and metallic white colors adorn jeweled with natural "nacre" - mother of pearl can blend with many existing furniture you already have. We curated a set of two armchairs and a matching console to share.

Set Includes:
Two (2) Armchairs "Shell" Ref. 908739 Barcode: 5600497136272
Wooden armchair upholstered in light blue velvet. 
Base with nacre detail applied by hand. 
Base and feet lacquered in high-gloss mist white.
Dimensions:  Width 72 x Depth 79 x Height 94 centimeters or Width 28,3 x Depth 31,1 x Height 37 inches

One (1) Console "Bolonha" Ref. 909185 Barcode: 5600497139006

Wooden console with 2 drawers. 
Base and body lacquered in high-gloss metallic white. 
Drawers lacquered in high-gloss metallic light blue. 
Foot with nacre apllied by hand.
Dimensions: Width 130 x Depth 43 x Height 92,5 centimeters or Width 51,2 x Depth 16,9 x Height 36,4 inches

Very Important Note:
Please measure the wall or area where these pieces of furniture or wall art will be placed in your home before ordering. Please also measure your front door, side door, back door entrances into your home and any inside archways or doorways that the pieces of furniture or wall art must go through, in order to get to the room you will be placing them in, also to make sure they go through without any damages to your doorways/arches/walls and damages to these pieces of furniture or wall art. No Returns, No Refunds, No Store Credit, No Cancellations since these pieces of furniture are being handcrafted and created for you from the time you ordered them. 

Although this item says: "Free Shipping", for reasons that the back office program of the website does not have any other alternative choices, the retail price of this piece of furniture already includes shipping costs and transportation insurance costs from Portugal directly to your address and "white glove" delivery into your home with assembly when required. Please also note that customs duties into the USA are also already included in the retail price of this piece of furniture. Please do not choose a shipping carrier in the shopping cart and do not enter anything in the "Calculate Shipping" section either, just go directly to "Proceed to Checkout".  
Since this is a "white glove" delivery, one of the homeowners must be home to accept and place the furniture on the day of "white glove" delivery. The fabricator's USA warehouse will notify you, at their best efforts, to provide you with the "white glove" delivery date and time frame.

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